Management and Board of Directors

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Board of Executive Officers

Board of Executive Officers Position
Carlos Jereissati Cheif Executive Officer
Cristina Anne Betts Cheif Financial Officer and Investor Relations Officer
Charles William Krell Cheif Operations Officer
Dilene Rodrigues Teixeira Cheif Legal Officer
Erika Jereissati Zullo Retail Leasing Officer
Claudio Dall‘Acqua New Business Officer

Board of Directors

Board of Directors Position
Carlos Francisco Ribeiro Jereissati Chairman
Carlos Jereissati Member
Pedro Jereissati Member
Sidnei Nunes Member
José Castro Araujo Rudge Independent Member
Rossano Maranhão Pinto Independent Member
Danilo Ferreira da Silva Independent Member

Fiscal Council

Fiscal Council Position
Roberto Terziani Member
José Augusto da Gama Figueira Member
Jorge Moyses Dib Filho Member