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Iguatemi São Paulo 50 Years

São Paulo, May 18th, 2016 - In celebration of Iguatemi São Paulo´s 50th birthday, we have prepared a series of unique experiences to delight and thrill our visitors all year round.

The theme "Life is Wonderful" reflects our personality, as we cary in our DNA the signs of innovation.

Visit our hotsite exclusively developed for this special moment:

About Iguatemi São Paulo

Iguatemi São Paulo opened in 1966 and was the first shopping mall bult in Latin America. For the past five decades it has set trends and is today recognized for its pioneering and innovation.

In 1998, Iguatemi São Paulo revolutionized the shopping mall space by bringing the first international brand to Brazil - Empório Armani. Since then, numerous international brands have opened theis stores in the mall.

Fashion is in Iguatemi São Paulo´s DNA. The mall is on of the main players in the sector, encouraging the fashion segment and developing relationship with major local and international brands.

Iguatemi São Paulo has been rejuvenated over the years, always following the trends and changes in São Paulo´s society lifestyle. Throughout its trajectory, it has created unique and memorable experiences for its customers. The mall is an architectural landmak in Avenida Faria Lima and is one of São Paulo city´s postcard, daily receiving over 50 thousand costumers. Art and culture are two important pillars of Iguatemi São Paulo, which for over 15 years has invested in cultural proojects both inside the mall and in partnerships.