Iguatemi - Relações com Investidores

How to Invest

Iguatemi shares are traded on B3 S.A. - Brasil Bolsa Balcão (former BM&F Bovespa) under the ticker "IGTA3". The Company is listed in the Novo Mercado, the highest corporate governance segment.

Iguatemi shares traded are of an ordinary nature, guaranteeing the right to vote at the company‘s meetings, as well as participation in the Company‘s profits and results.

To invest in stocks investors need an active account at a securities broker. Click here to find a broker on the B3 S.A. - Brasil Bolsa Balcão website.

Securities brokers are intermediaries for the purchase and sale of shares among the investors on the Stock Exchange.

There is a brokerage fee charged by the brokerage firm, which may be a fixed amount or percentage of the transaction.

The Company annually distributes the mandatory minimum dividend of 25% of the profit earned in the period of the previous year. Click here to access the payment history. The payments occurs through credit in Current Account, in the stipulated payment date, in any banking institution.