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Corporate Sustainability

For more than 10 years, Iguatemi - always concerned with social and environmental aspects - has been implementing sustainability actions that save water and reduce consumption of energy. Highlights are:

Actions to reduce energy consumption

  • Migration to the "Free Market" (at present, all our malls, with the exception of Iguatemi Brasilia, are supplied by the "Free Market")
  • Continuous replacement of lamps and equipment by new, more efficient technologies (chillers, LED, ...)
  • Systems automation to improve the efficiency of malls (illumination, air conditioning ...)

Actions to save water and increase self-sufficiency

  • Artesian wells
  • Water and sewerage treatment stations
  • Installation of water saving equipment (aerators, toilet bowls, water-saving valves, ...)

Other initiatives

We develop our logistics processes (for example, recycling or selective collection) always taking the environment into account. Each process is based on a vision, on the basis of which objectives, targets and action plans are constructed.

Currently, four malls have an evolved composting system: Iguatemi São José do Rio Preto, Iguatemi Porto Alegre, Iguatemi Campinas and Iguatemi Esplanada. In each mall a different model was adopted and analyzes are being made to define the best model to be adopted in the other assets of the portfolio.

In addition, we practice social actions, supporting cooperatives, which benefit needy communities with the work of separations of wastes and re-use of raw materials.

Finally, we signed in 2019 the Woman's Empowerment Principle's (WEP's), a project of the UN and the Global Pact. The initiative reinforces the Company's commitment to the defense of gender equality, ensuring equal opportunities for men and women in the workplace.

In 2018, publicly traded companies began to disclose annually the Report on the Brazilian Code of Corporate Governance. The Code contains a set of best practices addressing key governance issues such as ownership structure, management composition and internal controls. In the report, the Companies indicate whether they adopt, partially or do not adopt each of the Code's practices and have the opportunity to justify their responses.

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